FailSafe FAQ

  • How many nurses from our facility need to take the exam?

    A minimum of 10 medical-surgical and/or care coordination and transition management nurses need to take the exam within the one-year agreement period.

  • What is the maximum number of nurses who can take the exam in the agreement period?

    There is no maximum in the 12 month period, only the minimum number of 10.

  • What if we don't get 10 nurses to take the exam in that agreement period?

    If the facility is unable to meet the terms of the agreement by enrolling 10 applicants to take the exam, MSNCB will invoice the facility for all exams taken, regardless of a pass or fail outcome.

  • Are there any additional fees for using the FailSafe Certification Program?

    Yes. In order for the program to remain cost effective, a facility will be invoiced for participating RNs who neglect to take the exam.

  • How do the nurses apply for the exam?

    MSNCB will supply the facility contact person with a distinct facility ID code to give to their participating nurses to use when registering for the exam. The code should be given to the individual nurses for whom the facility will pay when they pass the exam.

    In order to bypass payment, nurses enter the unique code in the “Apply Discount” box at checkout. They will not be asked for credit card information.

  • How does MSNCB determine the appropriate fee to invoice?

    For those who pass or neglect to take an MSNCB exam, facilities are invoiced the regular fee of $375 or $255 for nurses who are a member of one of our affiliated organizations.

  • One of our nurses wants to recertify by exam. Can we include her in this program?

    Yes, however, exam fees apply, not the lesser recertification fees.

  • One of our nurses will meet the criteria of 2 years as a registered nurse in 3 months. Can she apply now and take the exam after she meets the criteria?

    No. This nurse must wait until she meets the criteria before applying. The nurse is required to attest that all exam criteria are met at the time of application. All exam criteria are verified at the time of application.

  • How is the list of nurses participating in the FailSafe Certification Program managed?

    Nurses who are interested in participating receive the facility unique discount code from the facility contact. MSNCB will periodically provide the facility contact with a list of names of those nurses who have used their unique discount code. This method allows the facility to be aware of staff participation and anticipated maximum cost.

  • If a nurse decides to leave the facility within the year, how is this handled? Can we sign up another nurse to meet the 10 RN requirement?

    It is the responsibility of the facility contact person to inform MSNCB of employment status changes if needed. If informed of an employment status change, MSNCB can cancel the authorization to test. However, if it is not canceled before the nurse tests and passes, the facility will be required to pay for the exam.

  • Is a review course part of the FailSafe Certification Program?

    No, but as a participant in the FailSafe Certification Program, your facility would also be eligible for a reduced rate on the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) Certification Review Course On The Road. Statistically, those nurses who have attended a certification review course do better on the exam than those who have not.

  • Will the nurse sign a contract?

    The FailSafe Certification Program is a contract with MSNCB and the facility. We will not sign a contract with individual nurses. It is up to the discretion of each facility how they want the nurses to commit to the program. MSNCB will be happy to provide recruitment material upon request.