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  Volume 6, Issue 2
Spring 2013

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  - MSNCB Board Develops New Strategic Plan
  - AMSN Celebrates CMSRNs and Spring with Free CNE!
  - Achieve Your Goals with AMSN Grants
  - Sneak Peek: 22nd AMSN Annual Convention
  - Help Others Get Certified: Spread the News
  - Dear Medsurg Nurse, the World is Your Oyster!
  - Love to ‘Like' You, Baby!
Nursing and Industry News
  - Nurses Push for Increased Patient Engagement
  - New Technologies Helping Aging Nurses
Just for You
  - Farming of the Future: Home Hydroponics
  - Crib Need an Update?

Great news!
There are now over 17,300 CMSRNs!

Med-Surg News

MSNCB Board Develops New Strategic Plan

The Medical-Surgical Nursing Board of Directors is constantly seeking ways to better serve CMSRNs like you and promote medical-surgical nursing certification. To help achieve those goals, the board met with the MSNCB national management team in March at the National Office to develop a new strategic plan. An expert consultant helped guide them through the process that will steer the future direction of MSNCB.

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AMSN Celebrates CMSRNs and Spring with Free CNE!

A new season is here, and the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses is helping you energize your education (or earn contact hours for recertification) with extra CNE sessions in the AMSN Online Library. Thanks to an unrestricted educational grant from Abbott Laboratories, AMSN has posted two standout CNE sessions on nutrition from the AMSN Annual Convention, "The Impact of Nutritional Intake on Patient Outcomes," and "Evidence-Based Nursing Management of Enteral Feeding."

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Achieve Your Goals with AMSN Grants

AMSN is offering a new $20,000 research grant related to certification, sponsored by MSNCB. AMSN also provides grants and scholarships to support members in their goals to earn a degree, become certified, or conduct research.

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Sneak Peek: 22nd AMSN Annual Convention

The AMSN Annual Convention will be in Nashville, TN, September 26-29, 2013. The full program will be available soon, but you can take a peek at preliminary information now. Use it to plan your schedule, talk to your employer, and get excited!

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Help Others Get Certified: Spread the News

Newsflash #1: New Practice Exam Boosts Test Confidence
Do you have colleagues who would like to earn their CMSRN credential? They will be very grateful when you tell them about a new 75-question practice test formulated by MSNCB experts. The test is based on the CMSRN exam blueprint, and is great way to practice computer-based testing. Feel free to forward this information!

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Only pay when you
succeed, guaranteed

Newsflash #2: Fewer Hurdles! Go Ahead and Jump with Joy
MSNCB recently launched the MSNCB FailSafe Certification Program, which lifts two significant barriers to certification: fear of failure and upfront payment of exam fees. Everyone wins with this program: nurses, facilities, and patients, so please click the link below for details and let your facility (and your colleagues) know!

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Dear Med-Surg Nurse, the World is Your Oyster!

Yes, we're being your personal cheerleader, and yes, we're talking about your career. You're a CMSRN; a motivated, compassionate, dedicated individual. You want to make the most of your credential in a rewarding job, and we want to help. So…if you are looking for a change or a challenge, please remember, the AMSN Career Center is there to help you achieve your dreams. Accept our "Rah! Rah!" and good luck!

Love to ‘Like' You, Baby!

MSNCB has a Facebook page and we thoroughly enjoy the instant, direct communication with CMSRNs! You're such a great group of nurses — we are endlessly impressed, and anxious to do our job of keeping you informed, motivated, and educated! If you haven't already, we'd be flattered if you would pop in and hit the "Like"button.

Nursing and Industry News

Nurses Push for Increased Patient Engagement

The Nursing Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC) recently released a strategic plan to help nurses transform the way the health care system delivers car. The plan, Fostering Successful Patient and Family Engagement: Nursing's Critical Role, calls for supporting nurses in increasing patient engagement and helping patients and families make health care decisions. AMSN is an NAQC member.

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New Technologies Helping Aging Nurses

From a robo-nurse to wireless communication devices, new technologies are now available to help older nurses avoid weary legs and sore backs. Several organizations also funded broader initiatives to help these nurses stay safe and healthy on the job. (Source: Nursezone; April 18, 2013)

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Just for You

Farming of the Future: Home Hydroponics

If you love gardening and are looking for something besides the traditional options, you may want to consider hydroponics. This is an alternative form of gardening that requires no soil, is self-sustaining, saves water and space, and looks really (really!) cool. (Source: HellaWella.com; March 21, 2013)

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Crib Need an Update?

By ‘crib,' we mean your flat, pad, digs, house, apartment…in essence, where you hang when you are not working incredibly hard as a nurse! If you are craving some turquoise paint and super cool ideas for inside or outside spaces, these top design blogs will have you running to the nearest home improvement store with a head full of ideas. (Source: Interior Designer Nicole D'Alesandro, April 18, 2013)

Style by Emily Henderson
Little Green Notebook
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