CMSRN Prep Test

Only have 10 minutes or want to test your knowledge 10 questions at a time? The CMSRN Prep Test is your solution!

MSNCB has partnered with Test Run to offer you an on-the-go, real test question platform that offers detailed and personalized reports to help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.


  • Questions custom designed by a dedicated group of CMSRN credentialed professionals
    throughout the medical-surgical profession.
  • Realistic exam questions from each of the relevant exam categories based on the
    CMSRN exam blueprint.
  • Customize your experience. You can take a full 150-question practice exam, or you can
    take a short 10-question quiz in any of the six knowledge domains.
  • This unique platform allows you to see feedback in each of the six knowledge domains
    in the CMSRN exam content outline.

About the Prep Test

  • The practice test is one set of 150 multiple-choice questions that can be customized to your study needs.
  • Unlimited access with a 3-month, $65 subscription

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These resources do not include actual examination questions and are not a requirement to sit for the actual CMSRN certification examination. These resources are not the only or preferred route to adequate preparation. Using these study resources do not imply advantage or successful performance on the examination.