Exam Permit and Scheduling

Prior to your exam date, you will receive information from the testing agency, Center for Nursing Education and Testing (C-NET).

Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

The CMSRN exam is available throughout the year as computer-based testing (CBT) at 230+ testing centers nationwide.

Exam Permit

nursesYour exam permit will provide a 90-day window within which to take your exam. It will also contain information about how to schedule your exam.  Be sure to schedule your exam appointment at least 48 hours prior to your desired examination date.

About 3-5 weeks after submitting your application, the testing agency, Center for Nursing Education and Testing (C-NET), will email your exam permit or contact you for more information. If you have not received your permit in 5 weeks, call C-NET at 800-463-0786, ext. 11 or email info@cnetnurse.com immediately.
APO/FPO addresses may take longer

You must bring a current government issued photo ID such as a driver's license (temporary paper copy is not acceptable), state-issued ID card or passport bearing your photo and a signature with you to your exam appointment. Your name on the permit must match your government issued photo ID.  If they do not match, call C-NET immediately at 800-463-0786, ext. 11 for assistance.


Candidates will receive their test results at the end of the exam. A total score is provided for candidates who pass the exam. A total score and subscores in the examination content areas are provided for candidates who do not pass the exam. Subscores in each of the examination content areas can be used to assist in further study for those who choose to retake the exam. The MSNCB database will be updated approximately 4 weeks after the candidate's exam date.


Exam appointments may be cancelled and rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to your exam date at no cost.  The rescheduled appointment must be within your assigned 90-day window. Contact the computer company, PSI at 800-733-9267 or cnetnurse.com/cbt for more information.


To schedule or reschedule your exam appointment outside of your assigned 90-day window, you may request a one-time 90-day extension (fees apply). Candidates must cancel any existing appointment with the computer company PSI no later than 48 hours prior to your exam date.  Once cancellation is confirmed you may request an extension with MSNCB.  Learn more about extensions.

Candidates who miss their exam appointment cannot reschedule or apply for an extension and instead must reapply.

MSNCB FailSafe Certification Program™ candidates are not eligible for an extension.

Pencil and Paper (P&P) Exam Testing

As of July 1, 2019, CMSRN pencil and paper exams are no longer offered.