CMSRN Tracker and Application

About The CMSRN Tracker and Application

The Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) Tracker offers you the online convenience of taking charge of your recertification plan.

When you choose to recertify by continuing education, the Tracker is your online resource for planning, tracking, and applying for recertification.

Use the Tracker to enter and track contact hours, store your employment information, review the verification status of self-reported contact hours, and apply for CMSRN recertification.

If you haven't become familiar with the Tracker, we recommend you log in and take a look around. It's a simple tool that packs a lot of convenience.

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Tip: MSNCB recommends arranging your recertification plan soon after certification. Learn more.

Understanding Your Tracker

The CMSRN Tracker is a simple tool that shows your certification information, how close you are to recertifying, and the contact hours counting toward your recertification. You can also apply for recertification online right from your Tracker.

There is a single rule to remember when preparing to recertify and using the Tracker - if you see red, you can't move ahead. Each area will provide information in red about what, if anything, is preventing you from recertifying. You can only recertify once all areas in red have been resolved.

CMSRN Recertification Status

Total Hours Verified: The total amount of contact hours applied toward recertification.

MedSurg Hours Verified: The number of contact hours categorized and verified as med-surg to be used toward recertification.

Note: Even though 90 hours are fulfilled in this example, eighteen more MedSurg hours are needed to qualify.

Provide Employment Info: Click to add or update required employment and licensure information. Detail on any issues will appear below (Invalid License # in this example).

Employment Info Ok: Required employment and licensure information is present in your record.

Not Eligible to Recertify: Some criteria have not been met, or it's too early to apply.

Recertify Now: All criteria have been met. Click to apply.


Entering Contact Hours

A few things to remember when reporting contact hours:

  • We recommend entering your contact hours as you earn them.
  • Allow up to 30 business days for self-reported contact hours to be reviewed and verified.
  • Spell out uncommon acronyms.
  • Activities may be recategorized upon verification.
  • Complete the "Learning Outcome" field to describe CE activity/course content.
  • If contact hours you earned through AMSN are not listed within 24 hours, please contact us.

Type: Contact hour category type. (MEDSURG or PROFDEV)

CHs: Number of contact hours reported for that activity.

Activity: Reported activity title. Self-reported activities are editable until they have been verified. To edit an activity, click on the underlined title.

Earned Date: The date the activity was completed.

Verified: Status of verification.

Blank: Activity has not yet been reviewed by MSNCB.
Self-reported contact hours are manually reviewed. Allow up to 10 business days to update.

: Activity has been verified by MSNCB.

Pending: More information is required. The Activity column will be noted with what is needed.

Rejected: Activity does not count toward contact hours.

Self-Report CNE Activities:

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE). Enter any CNE activity.

Self-Report non-CNE Activities:

Non-CNE hours are awarded through taking academic courses, being a preceptor, and eight other ways.

Reporting Preceptor and Academic Hours

When reporting preceptor and/or academic hours, be sure to submit a preceptor form and/or an unofficial transcript, and only log academic courses that are related to nursing. The documents can be faxed, mailed, or emailed.  Please address the documents to MSNCB.

Sample CNE Activity Entry

CNE Activities are formal continuing nursing education.

Type of Contact Hours: Determine whether the contact hours are MEDSURG or PROFDEV.

Note: Activities may be recategorized upon verification

Contact Hours Earned: Amount of contact hours awarded per certificate

Date Earned: If the activity was over a series of dates, enter last date

Location of Activity: Name of hospital, conference, journal, etc. If earned online, enter "online"

Activity Title: Title that is listed on certificate

Provider Name: Accredited providers are listed on your certificate. Note: not asking for presenter's name.

Learning Objectives: Describe CE activity/course content.

Learn more about CNE activities.

Sample non-CNE Activity Entry

Non-CNE Activities are professional activities that are awarded contact hours: preceptorship, academic courses, presentations, publications, research and EBP projects, board membership or chair, test development/item writing, and recertification committee.

non-CNE Activity Type: Choose type of activity

Title/Description: Title, or description of activity if not applicable.

Date Completed: If the activity was over a series of dates, enter last date.

Number of Activity Hours Completed: When applicable, enter hours, credits, number of posters, etc.

Location of Activity: Name of hospital, university, conference, journal, etc.

Learning Objectives: Describe CE activity/course content.

Type of Contact Hours: Determine whether the contact hours are MEDSURG or PROFDEV.

Note: Activities may be recategorized upon verification.

Number of Contact Hours: Amount of contact hours awarded

Learn more about non-CNE activities.

Using the Tracker to Apply for Recertification

You can apply for recertification right from your CMSRN Tracker.

Application Deadline Notice

Allow up to 30 days for self-reported contact hours (CHs) to be reviewed and verified by MSNCB staff. After all required CHs are verified, submit your application at least 30 days prior to your expiration date to avoid a late fee.

Learn more about application deadlines, fees, and the online application using the Tracker.