Inactive or Retired Status

Inactive Status:

Have you had a "life happens" situation that prevented you from earning the necessary contact hours?

CMSRNs unable to meet the requirements for recertification may apply for Inactive Status. Inactive status is for one 3-year period only and is a one-time career option. There are no exceptions or extensions to this time frame.

Inactive Status lasts for three years during which the certificant may not use the CMSRN credential. Nurses on Inactive Status will receive reminders in the last year of Inactive Status and must meet current recertification requirements.

During or at the end of the three-year Inactive Status, the nurse may reinstate the certification by applying for recertification by continuing education or by exam. The practice hours and contact hours must be within the immediately preceding years. If approved, the new certification period will be effective for five years from time of reactivation.

Review the Policy and Procedure for Inactive Status

Retired Status:

CMSRNs who have retired within the current certification period but wish to stay connected with other CMSRNs may apply for Retired Status.

CMSRN Retired designation is renewable every five years. The retired nurse may use “CMSRN Retired” on a resume or below their name and credential on a business card, but may NOT be used after your signature (e.g. patient chart, name badge).

If a CMSRN Retired nurse re-enters the nursing workforce within three years from the date of retirement status, the nurse may regain the CMSRN credential via continuing education. If the CMSRN-Retired nurse reenters the nursing workforce after three years from the date of retirement status, the nurse must regain CMSRN by examination.

Review the Policy and Procedure for Retired Status

Applying for Inactive or Retired Status

(Not applicable for exam exempt applicants)

To apply for Inactive or Retired Status, the recertification application, along with a letter of explanation for requesting the status, must be submitted to MSNCB. The request must be received by mail no later than 90 days prior to certification expiration. If granted, the Inactive or Retired Status begins the day after CMSRN certification expires.

Email to request an application.


Inactive Status
$165 Regular
$105 AMSN Member

Retired Status
$100 Regular
$75 AMSN Member