Media Spotlight: MSNCB and AMSN Leaders Interviewed for Special Issue

MSNCB and AMSN leaders are featured in an outstanding special issue on med-surg nursing.

MSNCB and AMSN leaders are featured in an outstanding special issue on med-surg nursing. The digital publication highlights the innovations and initiatives of both MSNCB and AMSN and describes the value of the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse® (CMSRN) and Certified in Care Coordination and Transition Management (CCCTM®) certifications.

Articles in the special edition cover such topics as connecting with patients, med-surg nurses’ vital role as advocates, the value of care coordination and transition management (CCTM) nursing roles, legislative issues, the importance of technology and evidence-based practice, and much more.

Not only will you see some familiar names and faces, but you’ll feel proud of your certification and your practice. You’ll also gain an even deeper appreciation of the role nurses like you have had in improving patient care and transforming today’s health care system.

Content includes:

In her article, Language Remains a Barrier for Some, Nancy Brent, describes challenges that language can present to health care providers, and cites AMSN’s Health Literacy Position Statement.

In another article, Expertise Helps Nurses Stand Out – Nursing Shortage or Not, nursing researcher and workforce expert Peter Buerhaus advises med-surg nurses on educating themselves about value-based medicine and also letting their employer know their own value, something that is often not taught in nursing school.

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