Message from the President - April 2014

Mimi  HaskinsMimi Haskins, MS, RN, CMSRN



Hello and happy spring!

MSNCB had a great deal of activity since my winter message, so I would like to share with you the latest and greatest.

Looking Through the 'PRISM' of the Best Nursing Units

There are now four medical-surgical nursing units that have received the AMSN PRISM Award™, and more units are applying every day. The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN), our affiliate nursing association, and MSNCB launched the award in 2012. PRISM stands for "Premier Recognition In the Specialty of Med-Surg," and the award shines the spotlight on exemplary med-surg nursing units in the U.S.

Presenting the awards to each of these units has been one of the highlights of my own — and other AMSN/MSNCB leaders' — careers. Click here to read the ceremony recaps and to see who the recipients are. I wish you could have witnessed the joy and excitement of these deserving nurses.

Please feel free to learn more about the AMSN PRISM Award and share the information with your facility. Your unit could be the next recipient of this prestigious honor.

We're Advocating for You

MSNCB recently joined a group of specialty nursing organizations in a project promoting medical-surgical nursing certification as a way to meet a state's continuing nursing education (CNE) and continuing competence (CC) requirements. The Specialty Nursing Certification Advocacy Project will also help encourage employers to promote and reward certified medical-surgical nurses.

To participate, MSNCB selected nine advocates from an extensive field of applicants. These individuals will train this month with the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) and begin their work. We are very proud to be a part of this very important initiative and look forward to the results.

IOM Workshop: Nurse Credentialing

MSNCB is joining other certification boards in sponsoring the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) upcoming Institute of Medicine (IOM) workshop, "Future Directions of Credentialing Research in Nursing," to be presented in September 2014 in Washington, DC.

The IOM believes the workshop will advance the dialogue and foster new research in nurse credentialing. The workshop will also be open to the public and there will be no registration fees. Sponsorship of this workshop fits with our strategic initiative of Expanding the Evidence.

Spring Board Meeting

All of the initiatives described above and many more were discussed at the MSNCB Board of Directors spring meeting, held March 14-16, at the National Office in New Jersey. As always, the meeting was filled with energetic brainstorming, diligent planning, and special attention to implementing our exciting vision of the future for CMSRNs like you (as well as those seeking certification!).

We discussed several items that will affect med-surg nurses over the next year, and then evaluated and updated our Strategic Plan, which will be available for viewing on the MSNCB website soon.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

As I close, I want to again ask you to spread the word about certification to your friends and colleagues. As CMSRNs, we are in a position to change the face of health care by providing safe, high-quality, evidence-based care. Certification validates our knowledge and expertise and makes us a group of highly sought after health care practitioners.

Have a great spring!


(Editor's note: As always, we welcome your feedback on any of these initiatives! Please write to if you want to get involved, have questions or suggestions, or just want to learn more.)