MSNCB Board Develops New Strategic Plan

The Medical-Surgical Nursing Board of Directors is constantly seeking ways to better serve CMSRNs like you and promote medical-surgical nursing certification. To help achieve those goals, the board met with the MSNCB national management team in March at the National Office to develop a new strategic plan. An expert consultant helped guide them through the process that will steer the future direction of MSNCB.

Information from surveys of CMSRNs, AMSN members who are not certified, and nurse managers was used to steer the strategic planning process.

As part of the plan, the MSNCB mission and vision statements were revised. Here is a quick summary of these two major areas:

  • Mission: Validate excellence in medical-surgical nursing.
  • Vision: MSNCB certification is universally valued as essential to positive patient outcomes.

You will be hearing more about specific strategic initiatives in the coming weeks as the Board implements the plan.

The future looks very exciting for CMSRNs and as always, we thank you for having the commitment and heart to earn your certification and better serve your patients!

Cynthia W. Ward, MSN, RN-BC, CMSRN
President, MSNCB